"Our clients value and expect savings in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining sustainable and energy efficient facilities.”

– Sean Haynes, Founder & President

Virginia's Energy Service Contracting: The Commonwealth of Virginia adopted energy service contracting (ESC) as a tool to benefit the citizens using state facilities (reducing energy costs) and the facilities owners and managers (reducing waste and energy consumption). The cost to maintain antiquated building systems and the energy they waste hamstrings facility managers in funding to replace or upgrade the systems. ESC is the tool that allows them to do just that. 

Virginia ESCO contract provides the money to get the upgrades now with guaranteed costs and savings covering the next 20 years of operation. The ESCO is the contractor or company that applies their energy performance experience to garner the savings. They also guarantee the project to be budget neutral, so if the savings aren't realized the ESCO covers the difference. The cost to Virginians is $0.

Lifecycle Construction Services has extensive experience in Federal Facilities energy management and sustainability, in new structures and existing ones. We are now applying these skills as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and their facilities and infrastructure needs. Being based in Virginia brings these skills into our communities and regions. 

Sustainability Starts With Assessment