Project: Virginia Tech Veterinary Medicine Cafe

Lifecycle Construction Servivces supports Virginia Tech with multiyear facilities services providing flexible, responsive and creative solutions for a variety of renovation projects. Our experience is clearly understanding the demands of working on college and university campuses, working to minimize class disruptions and bringing facilities and rooms back online and in use quickly.  In addition by utilizing local subcontracting partners to execute the work builds on the local and regional cooperation between the university and the local businesses. 

Projects completed include: Renovations at Randolph Hall, Renovations and Upgrades of the Veterinary Medicine Café, along with Renovations at Newman Library. 

Renovating or updating facilities systems, technology and physical environments in existing facilities for the same use, reconfiguring buildings for entirely new functions, and building new or replacing old inefficient additions to existing structures can yield enormous benefits. Renovation and reuse of important buildings can enhance the functionality of the core campus while maintaining the character of the buildings and identity of the college or university. Renovations are opportunities to enhance space utilization and create better quality space by introducing new technologies and green/ sustainable environment.

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